New look-ahead feature helps a Model X avoid a collision.

A Tesla Model X being operated in the Netherlands was able to avoid a collision before it even happened thanks to functionality included in Tesla's latest software package. The Model X was being operated on Autopilot on a highway when traffic head of the vehicle it was following came to a stop. The vehicle directly in front of the Tesla was unable to stop in time, but the Model X's radar system detected the stopped traffic and was able to slow down and avoid becoming involved in the accident.

Twitter user @HandsNoordsij published video of the accident from the Model X's dashcam on twitter (It was originally available on YouTube, but was made private before the time of publication.):

The ability of the onboard radar system to "look ahead" to see stopped traffic was introduced to Tesla models equipped with first-generation Autopilot hardware in an update in September, according to electrek.co (who reported the story).