The truck can pay for itself over the course of its life cycle.

Tesla has released pricing information for its first-ever semi truck. The electric hauler could pay for itself over the course of its life cycle.

The basic version of the truck costs $150,000 before options are factored in. Buyers who opt for the base model get just 300 miles of range, which isn't enough for long-haul duties across a nation as vast as America. Standard and optional features won't be published until closer to the start of production.

Next up in the hierarchy is the 500-mile version of the truck, which gets a $180,000 price tag. Again, we don't know what else buyers get for spending an additional $30,000. Finally, the range-topping Founders Series model retails for $200,000.

Tesla is already accepting reservations. Truckers can reserve the basic semi by sending the company a $20,000 deposit, or get in line for the Founders Series by paying the full $200,000 balance. Founder Series production is limited to 1,000 examples, and it's this version that Tesla will bring to the market first.

The Verge points out Tesla's semi truck is more expensive than a long-haul diesel truck. Most comparable models start in the vicinity of $120,000. However, Tesla estimates users can save $200,000 in fuel alone over the truck's life cycle, a figure that helps justify the higher initial investment.

Production is tentatively scheduled to start in 2019, though Tesla has repeatedly demonstrated its estimated delivery dates are ballpark suggestions, not accurate predictions you can set your clock to. Over half a dozen retailers and freight companies in North America have already reserved the truck.