The company accepted a payment of just $100,000 to drop the case.

Tesla has agreed to settle its lawsuit against a startup founded by its former Autopilot director, Sterling Anderson, and the former CTO of Google's autonomous car project, Chris Urmson.

The automaker accepted a seemingly paltry payment of $100,000 from the startup, Aurora, a spokesperson confirmed to Recode.

Anderson had been accused of taking hundreds of gigabytes of proprietary and confidential data, labeled Tesla's "most competitively sensitive information," and then violating a non-solicitation agreement by recruiting other Tesla employees to join the startup.

"Small teams of programmers with little more than demoware have been bought for as much as a billion dollars," Tesla wrote in its lawsuit filings. "Anderson and his business partners, including Christopher Urmson, the recently departed head of Google's self-driving car initiative, decided to take a run at a similar fortune."

Aside from the cash payout, Aurora has agreed to stop recruiting Tesla employees and contractors until next February. The company has also agreed to a 'forensic audit' to determine if it has retained or used any of Tesla's confidential information.