The sketch hints at Tesla's ambition to unseat America's best-selling nameplate.

Tesla's plan to take on the pickup segment has emerged into public view, revealing a much stronger tie to the company's heavy-duty semi than any of its low-slung luxury offerings.

The teaser sketch envisions a rugged yet futuristic pickup with a bullet-shaped nose and massive knobby tires.

Designers have placed a full-size pickup in the electric truck's bed. The cargo appears to be a Ford F-150, hinting at Tesla's ambition to keep expanding until it has unseated the current best-selling nameplate in the country.

The pickup will presumably beat the semi's incredible ability to reach 60 mph in just five seconds, though Tesla has not yet confirmed specific details.

The California-based startup is not expected to take on the pickup segment until the Model Y crossover has arrived on the market.