The first European-built Model S will roll off the assembly line next March.

Tesla has announced how much the award-winning Model S will cost when it hits showrooms across Europe halfway through next year.

For the time being, Tesla is not planning on selling the entry-level 40 kWh variant of the Model S in Europe so the cheapest offering is the 60 kWh model. In Holland, it carries a base price of €72,600, or roughly $95,846. Next up is the 85 kWh model which is priced at €83,150 (about $110,000), followed by the S Performance which retails for €97,550 (about $129,000).

The first 500 Model S sedans sold in Europe will be equipped with the luxurious Signature package. The S Signature costs €101,400 ($133,500) and the range-topping S Signature Performance model can be purchased for €110,950 ($146,500).

Tesla says that it wants to make the same amount of profit on each Model S it sells regardless of what country it is delivered in. The Model S costs more in Europe than it does in the United States simply because the California-based automaker has factored in import duties, transport costs and small business expenses.

Built locally, sold locally.

Final assembly of all Europe-bound Model S sedans will take place in a new 203,000 square-foot facility located in Tilburg, Holland, a large city located close to the border with Belgium. Whether the cars will be shipped to from the United States as complete knock-down kits or whether they will arrive partially assembled is not currently known.

Initially, the Model S sedans that will be built in Belgium will all be left-hand drive, indicating that Tesla is not yet ready to break into the British market. Production of right-hand drive models is slated to begin in about a year.

Once built, the cars will be stored in Tilburg until they are dispatched to dealers all around Europe. The new facility will also serve as a parts warehouse, a service headquarters and a training center for technicians. Overall, 50 new jobs will be created in the region.

The first European-built Model S will roll off the Tilburg assembly line in March of next year.