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Tesla Model X crashes into gym; driver blames the car

by Justin King

Several previous claims of unintended acceleration have been shot down by Tesla\'s data logs,

The Tesla Model X has been involved in another crash through the side of a building, driving through the side of a Florida gym on Sunday morning.

Surveillance video obtained by ABC6 shows Anytime Fitness member Ted Hoeller stepping off a treadmill just as a Model X blasts through the wall in front of his path.

The driver reportedly told authorities that she had pressed on the brake pedal but the car accelerated.

Tesla's surprisingly quick-accelerating electric vehicles have been involved in a few similar incidents. The company's data logs have not yet substantiated any claims of unintended acceleration, however.

In the wake of Toyota's unintended acceleration recall, the NHTSA began to notice an uptick in similar complaints about a broad range of vehicles. After reviewing many of the claims, the agency determined that the vast majority are likely a case of pedal misapplication. Such mistakes can be particularly destructive in a vehicle that can hold its own against Italian supercars at the drag strip.