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Tesla shows Model X rollover test [Video]

by Justin King

The crossover is launched sideways onto a pit of sand, simulating the type of \'trip\' scenario that causes many real-world rollovers.

Tesla has released an interesting video showing a Model X rollover test.

The all-electric crossover is launched sideways on a platform that slams into the side of a sand pit. The vehicle is thrown sideways into the sand.

Many vehicles with a high center of gravity tend to 'trip' when the wheels dig into soft soil or hit a curb. The scenario is unique from other 'un-tripped' rollover assessments that focus on a vehicle's ability to handle a quick left-right evasive maneuver on the road surface without destabilizing and rolling.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration estimates that 95 percent of all single-vehicle rollovers are tripped, while just five percent ar un-tripped. Government regulations and crash-test evaluations appear to focus on the latter, however.

Tesla did not provide any context for its Model X rollover test, which is not included in NHTSA or IIHS test scenarios.

An older video of a Ford Expedition undergoing the same type of test was related to occupant ejection evaluation. Amazingly, the 2007-model-year SUV rolled twice at a seemingly modest sideways speed of 30 mph.

Model X is the first and only SUV to achieve a NHTSA 5-Star safety rating in every category and subcategory, with the lowest probability of rollover and overall injury of any SUV pic.twitter.com/V0f8ljeIBp

— Tesla (@Tesla) May 20, 2018