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Tesla bringing in service, solar workers to help build Model 3?

by Justin King

The company is under pressure to sustain its important 5,000/week output volume.

Tesla has attempted to play down reports claiming its Fremont factory is using supplemental labor from service centers and solar production facilities across the country.

The company just recently reached its critical goal of producing 5,000 Model 3 sedans in a single work week. Investors and short-sellers are now eager to see if the output rate can be sustained for an entire quarter.

Sources tell CNBC that Tesla's temporary reassignments have stretched service appointment wait times from two days to more than a week. Some workers have reportedly been flown to the Nevada Gigafactory.

The CNBC report claims some participants in the scheme felt pressured to accept the new roles in California or Nevada.

"We've historically encouraged employees from around the company who want to assist in delivering vehicles or helping out in the factory towards the end of the quarter," Tesla said in a statement. "This is purely voluntary and intended to help give employees in different departments a firsthand look at what goes into building and delivering our vehicles."

The company also argued that such practices have "never had a major impact on production" and "this will likely happen less moving forward" as production is smoothed out through the rest of the quarter.