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Tesla Model S slams into parked fire truck

by Ronan Glon

First responders say the car made no attempt to stop.

The owner of a Tesla Model S was taken to the hospital after slamming into the back of a fire truck. The accident happened in South Jordan, a suburb of Salt Lake City, Utah.

"For unknown reasons, the Tesla failed to stop for the traffic at the red light and ran into the back of the Unified Fire Authority vehicle at 60 miles per hour," explained Sergeant Samuel Winkler in an interview with local news channel Fox 13.

First responders who arrived on the scene after the crash say it doesn't look like the Model S braked at all. It's too early to tell whether it was traveling with Autopilot turned on or if the driver had assumed complete, unassisted control of the vehicle.

The 28-year old woman driving the Tesla was the only person injured in the accident. Her injuries are non-life-threatening; she merely suffered a broken ankle, which is fairly remarkable given the force of the impact. Fox 13 reports the driver of the fire truck wasn't injured at all and drove away from the scene in the truck that got hit. We can't say the same about the Model S: it looks like it's several feet shorter than when it rolled off the assembly line.

The South Jordan police department is still investigating the incident. It will publish more information (including whether the driver had Autopilot turned on and whether she made any attempt to brake before impact) in the coming days.

Stay tuned for more on this developing story.

Photo courtesy of Fox 13 news.