The Hospital del Nio is the "first of many" power restoration projects Tesla is working on in Puerto Rico.

Tesla has completed its first power restoration project in Puerto Rico, installing solar panels and battery storage at children's hospital.

"Hospital del Niño is first of many solar+storage projects going live," the company wrote in a Twitter post. "Grateful to support the recovery of Puerto Rico with [Puerto Rico Governor] @ricardorossello."

Accompanying photos show a parking lot full of Tesla's commercial solar panels and a crane moving a Powerpack, which stores solar-generated power from the day so it can be used at night.

The California-based company has engaged in talks with Puerto Rico officials to play a potentially larger role in rebuilding the island's power grid, which was mostly destroyed by Hurricane Maria.

It is unclear if the Hospital del Niño project is scaled to serve just the hospital or serve as a 'microgrid' capable of providing power to the neighborhood. Tesla is also said to be considering regional grids with an even larger footprint.

Puerto Rico is currently pushing to use FEMA funds to build a new power grid, rather than simply rebuilding the old infrastructure that failed extensively during the Category 4 hurricane.

Ta'u Samoa Microgrid from Tesla Energy on Vimeo.