Some owners have complained that Tesla's mapping data isn't updated often enough.

Tesla is apparently working on a significant update to its navigation platform.

Responding to an owner complaint claiming the company's navigation charts are outdated and rarely updated, CEO Elon Musk promised a new system is already under development.

"Major navigation overhaul coming in early 2018," he said. "Will be light-years ahead of current system, but we are testing it rigorously before rolling out."

Tesla's fleet is currently laden with multiple cameras and other sensors necessary for driving automation systems. The cars are also connected wirelessly to the company's servers, providing a method for capturing extensive real-world data that can be converted into highly detailed maps that are quickly updated to reflect any changes on the ground.

Several startups and established companies are also working toward "crowd-sourced" mapping platforms. Lvl5, founded by former Tesla employees, offers an app that turns a cellphone into a dashcam that gathers mapping data.

To be clear, Tesla has not explicitly detailed its navigation upgrade or detailed any partner companies that may be involved in the project.