Cops in one Texas town are doing things a bit differently - pulling over drivers for...good driving?

Imagine you just finished your kid off at school, you go to pull out of the drop-off zone, you are wearing your seat-belt, use your turn signal, have current registration...and you get pulled over.

Well, for some folks in the town of Prosper, Texas, that is exactly what has been happening according to an MSNBC report. The good news? The officers have been approaching the drivers to thank them for driving safely, handing them a gift card and sending them on their way.

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The Prosper Police target school zones, an area where driver safety is essential for the safety of untold rambunctious little ones running around, often with little to no supervision.

"There's such a high concentration of drivers at pick-up and drop-off times that we can safely approach those vehicles," explained assistant Prosper Police chief Gary McHone. "Maybe they had a safe speed coming into a parking lot, their inspections were up-to-date, they were using the safety belts in the vehicles, their child was in a safety restraint."

Getting pulled over can be a nerve-racking experience, but having it end with a gift card sure seems like a great way to simultaneously generate positive reinforcement for responsible driving (especially in school zones) and also help show the community that the Police took and oath to protect and serve, and they mean to.


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