Some designs are timeless, others are relegated to very specifics periods of time in the auto industry. The jury is still out on which category the T-top fits into.

SEMA is shaping up to be an interesting show this year, with some automakers stepping away from tradition (Chevrolet keeping things tame), and others attending for the first time (Audi). To add to the craziness we will have a reborn icon at the show, a Chevrolet Camaro T-top!

The T-top heading to this year's SEMA show didn't come out of Chevy's shop, but instead that of Drop Top Customs, which is brought to you by Convertible Builders LLC, a company with over 30 years of experience cutting sheet metal in an effort to shed some light on the occupants of high-powered (otherwise) coupes.

Drop Top Customs has previously created such creatures as an aftermarket convertible Camaro, as well as a Dodge Challenger convertible, both wild success stories at SEMA. This year, however, Drop Top Customs has a T-top red Camaro SS to show off.

From the photos, the T-Top job looks almost like it came directly from the factory, but we'll see for sure next month when we ramp up our live coverage of the SEMA show in Las Vegas.