A local report claims dozens of cars were taken and given fraudulent titles before heading to auction.

Thieves have allegedly targeted the Pontiac Silverdome's lot full of recalled Volkswagen diesel vehicles.The defunct arena's parking lot is one of several holding centers for VW's repurchased diesel vehicles. The company sold hundreds of thousands of vehicles with illegal 'defeat devices' in the US market, sparking a lengthy negotiation process with the EPA that left many vehicles in limbo.

Scores of apparently unrepaired cars have now disappeared from the lot, some receiving fraudulent Michigan titles before heading to dealer auctions, according to a local WXYZ report citing police investigations.

A dozen cars reportedly resurfaced at an auction lot in Clarksville, Indiana. At least 60 are said to be still missing after being shipped to Indiana and Kentucky.

Michigan State Police and the FBI are collaborating on the ongoing investigation.