The Chiron prototype turned heads -- for better or worse.

The brand new Chiron that Bugatti introduced earlier this year during the Geneva Auto Show could have adopted a much more polarizing design.Bugatti parent company Volkswagen asked designers from all of its brands to share their vision of what the Veyron's successor should look like. Penned by Sasha Selipanov, the winning sketch took Bugatti's design language in a dramatic new direction.

The front end's overall silhouette was close to the Chiron's, and it retained Bugatti's horseshoe-shaped grille, but it featured a pair of arched grilles framed by ultra-thin LED daytime running lights and accented by strips of chrome trim. The headlights were blacked-out and discreetly integrated into the grilles, giving the car a striking look -- for better or worse. CNET reports that the initial design was shot down after a prototype was shown to Volkswagen's board of directors, sending Bugatti stylists back to the drawing board.

Selipanov nonetheless earned a spot on the team that designed the Chiron. Much of his original design was retained on the production model, but the blacked-out front end was ditched in favor of the so-called eight-eyes look.