These cars have been discontinued. If you can't find a new one, maybe CPO is your best bet.

The final quarter of the year is always a sad one in some corner of the auto enthusiast world. As the next model year is ushered in, somebody is mourning the loss of a discontinued favorite (or, if not a favorite, at least an option). 2017 is no different. Like the V6 Mustang pictured above, dozens of vehicles ended up getting the axe, and each was no doubt chosen after feedback from sales representatives, analysis of consumer trends, and input from compliance and marketing strategy personnel.

For the buyer who finds those models to be the perfect fit, it's time to put up or shut up. But what if you miss the window? What if new inventory dried up before the official announcement was made? Well, fortunately, in the world of car buying, a missed chance is usually just an opportunity to explore a different avenue.

Certifiably awesome
If the leftovers have already been sold and there's no new car coming down the pipeline that fits you just right, why settle for less when you can probably find the exact model you want on the used market? With the recent widespread rollout of certified pre-owned (CPO) programs across pretty much every manufacturer, there's a decent chance you can find what you want, pay less for it, and get a warranty that is almost as comprehensive.

(Buying a CPO car is not quite as straightforward as buying a new car, but it's pretty close. If you want to explore the option, check out our previous articles for more on how certified pre-owned programs work.)

The following are just a few of the models that have landed on the chopping block.

Hyundai Accent Hatchback

Now, before you get too riled up, we realize the Accent Hatchback isn't exactly an enthusiast's dream car. It's an appliance. But it's one that we consider to be on the "cheap and cheerful" end of the bargain spectrum--a great entry-level car for somebody who needs basic transportation that doesn't just flat-out suck.

For 2018, the Hatchback is being discontinued entirely. Only the sedan will be available. Hyundai boasts that its CPO program bakes in nearly $2,000 in value, and this is a car where value is the name of the game.

Chevrolet SS Sedan

Sadly, the SS (along with the manufacturer that produced it) is gone for good. There are still a few lingering 2017 models out there, but finding one (especially with a manual) has become nigh-on impossible. A search of used-car listings returns quite a few certified 2016 and 2017 models, and they're likely to be a much better value than private-party examples being hoarded by enthusiast speculators. Get one while the gettin's good.

Honda Accord Coupe

Like the Accent, Honda's Accord is going nowhere. Unfortunately, the Coupe variant is dead. It was one of the few remaining front-wheel-drive, two-door cars on the market and to add insult to injury, it was available with Honda's buttery-smooth V6 and a manual transmission.

Honda is offering its new Accord Sedan with a powerful turbocharged four-cylinder borrowed from its Civic Type R hot hatch, and even pairing it with an available six-speed manual. It's no replacement for the old two-door, though, especially if you believe there's no replacement for displacement.

Volkswagen GLI Six-Speed

This one is a bit more nit-picky than some of the others on our list, but important nonetheless. Volkswagen's sporty sedan is going nowhere for 2018, but the six-speed is. From now on, new cars will be equipped only with Volkswagen's DSG. For enthusiasts who prefer four doors to five or simply want a little more leg room, it's a downer.

Tesla Model S 75

The rear-wheel-drive variant of Tesla's Model S 75 got the axe back in September. Fortunately, Tesla now offers an in-house used-car program that includes a full warranty very similar to a conventional certified pre-owned deal. For those who want the extra juice of the 75 without all-wheel drive, this is a great bet.