The Evo name has been re-envisioned for a world dominated by electric vehicles and SUVs.

Mitsubishi has finally unveiled its e-Volution Concept, showcasing the 'renewed' brand's strategic direction in the age of electrification and automation.

Adapting a badge that was only recently retired with Mitsubishi's flagship performance car, the e-Volution acknowledges a shift in demand from sedans to SUVs and an expected transition toward electric powertrains in coming years.

The side profile is said to present a shape that was not possible before the arrival of electric propulsion, with high ground clearance and short overhangs. The concept features a modern interpretation of Mitsubishi's Dynamic Shield design, while the back end is inspired by the Montero.

"The design expresses the readiness to grip the ground with all four-wheels, and the agility of a high performance cross-country tourer," the company says.

The e-Volution integrates three high-torque electric motors and a high-capacity battery, placed under the floor mid-ship to maintain a low center of gravity. Two rear motors are coupled through an electronically actuated torque-vectoring unit. Handling is further improved through Super All-Wheel Control.

Mitsubishi plans to use artificial intelligence to augment the driver's capabilities, "seamlessly coordinating driver intent with vehicle performance." A coaching function even helps teach the driver how to take their skills to a higher level.

A production version of the e-Volution is not expected to arrive on the market until sometime in the 2020s.