Shoppers in Japan can now place an order for their own plug-in Prius.

Japanese buyers can now place orders for the plug-in version of Toyota's popular Prius hybrid.

At 3.2 million yen (around $41,000), the Prius PHV, or Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle, is more expensive than Toyota initially targeted but still quite a bit under the 3.76 million yen Nissan Leaf. Deliveries will begin at the end of January in Japan.

After government incentives, the Prius PHV will run 2.75 million yen (about $35,200). That's still above the $32,000 the automaker is targeting for the Prius PHV in the United States but below the 37,000 euros anticipated for European market shoppers.

Toyota is hoping it will be able to sell at least 60,000 Prius PHVs globally and, like the standard Prius, the automaker hopes that its home market will be a major contributor with up to 40,000 units estimated for domestic consumption.