The cast of Street Fighter II stars in a new commercial.

In Japan, Toyota is reaching deep into the nostalgia bin to promote the new C-HR compact crossover. A series of new ads offer throwbacks to things beloved by children of he Nineties — toy cars and video games.

In the first ad, diecast C-HR models are shown racing down a complex network of tracks. Except rather than just a simple ramp and loop, the set is a tower of intersecting paths that do a pretty good job of mimicking real-life environments like forests and streams. The cars and playsets are made by Tomica, Japan's equivalent of Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars. Apparently they will be making a C-HR toy by the time the real car hits showrooms.

The second ad transports the C-HR to the virtual world of Street Fighter II. The 1991 video game is considered a pioneer of one-on-one fighting games, but in this case one of the main characters simply gets in the C-HR and drives around the world — visiting different settings in the game — and beats the boss handily. If you ask us, using a car in a martial arts contest sounds like cheating, if not vehicular manslaughter.

However you feel about the car itself, the clever commercials do strike a chord — both those in the Nintendo generation, and those who played with diecast cars (which includes nearly everyone.