Toyota GT 86 chief engineer Tetsuya Tada said the company is pondering a new Supra that could be jointly developed with Subaru.

Though Toyota hasn't even started production of the recently unveiled GT 86, the company already mulling over the expansion of its sports car lineup with two new models, including a Supra successor that could be co-developed with Subaru.

GT 86 chief engineer Tetsuya Tada told Drive that one of the enthusiast oriented-models would be slotted below the GT 86, while the other would be positioned up-market and could follow in the footsteps of the vaunted Supra.

'I would like to have one smaller and one larger," said Tada. "One would probably be a Supra follower. Nothing has been decided yet. It would [be] like a Supra successor."

It was unclear whether the bigger vehicle would revive the Supra moniker or take on a new name, but Tada did say that the car could be jointly engineered with Subaru in the manner of the Toyota GT 86/ Subaru BRZ project. Its production, however, hinges on whether Toyota can build a viable business case for its existence.

No word on whether the Subaru variant would receive the long-defunct SVX nameplate.


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