Toyota is hoping to eliminate rear end crashes through its new Pre-collision System.

Toyota announced on Tuesday that it has developed a new Pre-collision System (PCS) with collision avoidance assist that is capable of operating at high speeds.

Through the use of millimeter-wave radar, Toyota's latest PCS can detect an imminent rear-end collision and warn the driver via sound and display alerts. When the driver applies the brakes, the system automatically summons up to twice the vehicle's normal braking force in order to prevent a collision.

If the driver ignores the system's warnings, the PCS can automatically apply the vehicle's brakes, resulting in deceleration between 9mph and 18mph. Although a collision is still possible, the system can at least reduce the severity of the crash by slowing the vehicle.

Toyota developed its Pre-collision System for a wide variety of applications and says the technology will be "rolled out starting with soon-to-be-launched models." However, the Japanese automaker stopped short of saying when we might see the technology in a production vehicle.