The FT-AC is positioned as a more exciting and rugged 'ute, taking direct aim at Jeep.

Toyota has revealed the FT-AC, a rugged 'Adventure Concept' that brings a bit of spice to the company's high-riding lineup ... if it sees production.

The FT-AC's off-road styling is clearly established with front and rear skid plates, unpainted fenders and bold yellow tow hooks at every corner.

Designers apparently took inspiration from popular aftermarket accessories, integrating LED auxiliary lights above the windshield, while the roof features a shallow cargo tray with tie-down rings. The rear also integrates a retractable bike rack, eliminating the need to buy a separate accessory.

Infrared cameras on the side mirrors can be used to record trail accomplishments. Both the cameras and fog lights can be removed and placed off-vehicle for capturing other adventures.

Toyota says the FT-AC could be offered with a next-generation hybrid powertrain for competitive fuel efficiency and improved all-wheel-drive performance on challenging terrain.

The company cautions that the Adventure Concept is a "design experiment," though it seems tame enough to be one step away from a viable production model.

Live images by Brian Williams.