Toyota HiLux becomes first model of vehicle to make trips to both the magnetic North Pole and South Pole.

Toyota has set a world record after its HiLux model became the first to reach both the South Pole and North Pole.

In 2007, Top Gear wanted to test the HiLux's reputation for withstanding a pounding and entered it into an extreme race to the magnetic North Pole. Five years later the event organizer Extreme World Races set up a challenge for the HiLux to take on the magnetic South Pole pushing the truck to its limits over a fourth month challenge.

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The team faced temperatures of -58 degrees Fahrenheit and altitudes as high as 11,000 feet, so special preparation was sought from Icelandic 4x4 specialists Arctic Trucks. The three HiLux vehicles were fuelled with A1 jet fuel to best cope with the freezing conditions, whilst other modifications included special suspension and extra-large low-pressure tires to give a footprint 17 times larger than standard tires.

Importantly, the HiLux engines remained unmodified - the 3.0L D-4D Diesel engine and transmission were entirely unchanged, apart from the addition of a crawler gear. All three HiLux trucks completed the 5,900-mile journey and in doing so, went further than any other vehicle in Antarctica. Not a bad effort under the conditions we think.