The GR Super Sport concept might spawn a production model.

Toyota will travel to next month's Tokyo Auto Salon to introduce a concept named GR Super Sport. It's still shrouded in darkness, but we can tell it takes the form of a low-slung supercar inspired by the TS050 Hybrid the company competes with in the World Endurance Championship (WEC). While it's merely a design study, it could ultimately spawn a production model.

"This year, I went to Le Mans or the first time and heard people cheering for Toyota. I also heard many people saying that they would like to see Toyota come out with a hybrid sports car like our cars in the race," said company president Akio Toyoda. "I, too, would like us to produce such a car," he added.

That's not exactly a surprise coming from an executive, and it's certainly not a confirmation that Toyota will build a supercar. We're sure Sergio Marchionne would love to see a Fiat supercar, too. Imagine a modern-day interpretation of the 1954 Turbina prototype. It's not a decision that can be taken lightly or quickly, however.

Toyoda's comments merely confirm the company he runs is at least willing to evaluate the idea and see if it can put together a favorable business case. We expect the GR Super Sport concept (pictured) will shed insight into what a Le Mans prototype-inspired supercar developed and built for the road could look like.

We'll find out more about what the future holds for Toyota's performance car line-up when the Tokyo Auto Salon opens its doors next month.