The Toyota Highlander and Subaru Tribeca could soon be platform mates as the two automakers consider further platform sharing.

Toyot's partnership with Subaru will soon bear fruit in the form of the FT86 compact coupe, but the Japanese automakers are mulling even further platform sharing.

According to a report by Motor Trend, Toyota is considering using its next-generation Highlander platform to underpin Subaru's next Tribeca CUV. The Highlander and Tribeca are roughly the same size.

Of course, the plan includes a boxer engine for the Tribeca and a typical Toyota powertrain for the Highlander. A hybrid version of the Highlander is a certainty, meaning it's highly likely that the Tribeca will gain a gas-electric variant.

The all-new Highlander isn't expected until 2014, so both CUVs will have to carry on in their current forms for a few more years.


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