The i-TRIL is an electric three-seater.

A brand-new Toyota concept car named i-TRIL will break cover in a few weeks' time at the Geneva Auto Show.

The i-TRIL was developed jointly by Toyota's European division and its design center in Nice, France. We can tell it features an X-shaped signature lighting up front, but its styling is being kept under wraps for the time being.

Toyota explains its latest concept is equipped with the Active Lean technology that debuted a couple of years ago on the diminutive i-ROAD. The model is all electric, and it offers space for up to three passengers. It's not a car, however; instead, it's billed as a new form of mobility that can replace economy hatchbacks -- like Toyota's own Yaris and Aygo models -- and motorcycles in crowded urban centers.

The i-TRIL will be the exception to the rule, because Toyota's display in Geneva will put a big focus on performance. The rally-inspired, 210-horsepower Yaris GRMN will make its world debut at the show, and attendees will get to check out several race cars including the hot-rodded Yaris that spearheaded the brand's return to WRC, and the heavily-modified Hilux that tackled the grueling Dakar Rally last month.

Finally, the comprehensively updated 2017 Yaris will greet the show-going public in Geneva. Stay tuned for live images starting on March 7.