Toyota Racing Development is thinking about developing a blower for the FR-S.

Though the Scion FR-S is blessed with a nimble chassis and precise handling, it doesn't exactly possess an overabundance of power. However, Toyota Racing Development may soon have a solution for owners looking for a factory-warrantied output boost.

TRD is considering developing a supercharger kit for the FR-S, the Toyota/Scion performance division revealed to Car and Driver on the sidelines of the SEMA show.

Though the kit has yet to get the official green light, TRD has offered blowers for numerous Toyota cars and trucks over the years, so creating a performance-enhancing option for Scion's sporty coupe would seem like a logical step.

No word on how much the supercharger would increase output, but we'd expect a big jump over the 200 horsepower produced by the stock 2.0-liter flat-four.

While the kit would likely be offered only through TRD channels, there seems to be no reason why it couldn't be bolted into the FR-S' twin, the Subaru BRZ.