It's like a scale toy truck in 1:1 scale.

Toyota of Australia is celebrating several landmark moments with an wild looking pickup concept designed in partnership with toy company Tonka.

The Toyota HiLux Tonka Concept, which was teased back in February, is now a completed and running vehicle. The truck is meant to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Toyota and the 70th anniversary of Tonka.

The HiLux itself has a long history as well, launched in 1968 and until 2004 sold in the US as the truck or the Tacoma. Over the years, it has developed an almost mythic reputation for indestructibility. In 2016, the HiLux became "the first vehicle other than a passenger car to be the best-selling vehicle in [Australia]." Some 920,000 HiLuxes were sold Down Under, contributing to a global total of $16 million.

The concept is based off of a HiLux SR5 DoubleCab powered by a 2.8-liter four-cylinder turbodiesel engine, a rest-of-the-world pickup that the US doesn't get. From there, product designers raised it six inches with a new heavy-duty suspension that includes a high-riding axle and 35-inch tires.

On top, the hood has been reformed in carbon fiber, while the undercarriage is now protected by a 6 mm skid plate. Out back, a custom tube frame secures jerrycans, recovery gear and storage cases to the bed.

There are no plans to put the HiLux Tonka into production, but the truck will make stops throughout Australia this year as a promotional vehicle.