The company sold just 1,034 units in the US last year, with just 83 sold so far in the first month of 2017.

Toyota will reportedly use the Super Bowl to promote the Mirai, the company's slowest-selling model by a wide margin.The company recently posted a YouTube video showing a daisy wilted by a traditional vehicle's exhaust, then brought back to life with a shower of rain from a Mirai.

The car's hydrogen fuel cells combine water and oxygen to generate electricity, producing water as the primary byproduct. Drivers can choose where to dump excess collected water by pressing an 'H2O' button.

The Mirai ad will not be televised nationally, but rather on a regional basis for the Los Angeles and San Francisco markets, according to Automotive News. There are only a few dozen refueling stations across the entire US, most of which are located near LA or San Francisco.

Toyota appears to have experienced difficulty selling the Mirai, despite a $349 discounted lease program introduced in September. Only 1,034 units were bought last year. The numbers don't look any better this year, with just 83 deliveries in January.