The Gazoo brand is expected to be extended to street-legal performance cars, with a focus on hybrid powertrains.

Toyota's resurrected Supra could be among the first cars to launch under a rumored performance sub-brand, potentially borrowing the Gazoo name from the automaker's racing subsidiary.

Speaking to Autocar, Gazoo Racing head Koei Saga suggested Toyota is already planning to use Gazoo's racing-developed hybrid powertrain technology, though he did not reference the Supra by name.

Sage further claimed more hybrid Gazoo-badged models are on Toyota's roadmap of future products. The first is expected to be an upgraded Yaris hatchback with a turbocharged engine delivering more than 210 horsepower.

A separate executive recently voiced confidence that Toyota was capable of building a "major sports car brand," in the same spirit as BMW's M division or Mercedes' AMG unit. A proposed name was not mentioned, but Gazoo is viewed as the most natural fit as TRD has drifted toward a focus on off-road vehicles and pickups.

The revived Supra is said to be on track to land in showrooms sometime next year.