An unconfirmed report suggests Toyota will use the same gearbox found in the next-gen Z4, but with different gear ratios.

Toyota's oft-rumored Supra revival may not be available with a manual gearbox.

The resurrected Supra is expected to use the same automatic gearbox as its BMW sibling, the next-gen Z4, though the brands will likely employ different gear ratios, according to an Autocar report.

Both the Z4 and Supra are believed to be powered by a hybrid all-wheel-drive system, potentially powered by unique racing-inspired supercapacitors rather than traditional lithium-ion batteries. The technology is well suited to sports cars, delivering high instantaneous power while minimizing weight.

Sporting extensive camouflage, Supra development prototypes have been spotted by spy photographers during testing. Final styling will likely draw from the FT-1 concept that first appeared at the Detroit auto show in 2014.

Production is expected to begin sometime next year.