Allegedly stolen, the pickup dodged a roadblock before ramping off a ditch.

An incredible police chase involving an airborne Toyota Tacoma has been recorded on video.

Technical college student Caleb Gallups apparently began recording with his cellphone when two trucks attempted to form a roadblock on a Webster Parish, Louisiana road. He claims to have inadvertently kept the camera pointed in the right direction as the allegedly stolen pickup dodged hit a spike strip at speed, dove into a wide ditch and ramped off the other side.

The Tacoma driver, Kevonte Dekorey Austin, faces charges of attempted first-degree murder of a police officer, aggravated flight, theft of a motor vehicle, aggravated damage to property, attempted carjacking and reckless operation, according to a KSLA report.

The chase was allegedly prompted when police stopped the Tacoma for driving 79 mph in a 55 mph zone. Austin was allegedly switched from the passenger seat to the captain's chair after the original driver exited the vehicle.

In a scene that seems borrowed from the Grand Theft Auto video game, the Tacoma flew an incredible distance before crashing into another car. Austin allegedly emerged unscathed and attempted to carjack another vehicle.

KSLA suggests the accused could potentially face a life term in prison.