Toyota wants another 60,000 units in 2018.

Toyota announced Thursday that it plans to increase output of its Tacoma pickup by 60,000 units annually in 2018. The increase will come from its Baja California, Mexico (TMMBC), facility.

Toyota says the facility currently produces roughly 100,000 Tacomas and truck beds each year, meaning the target would represent a 60% increase in productivity for the TMMBC plant.

In order to meet that goal, Toyota plans to hire some 400 additional employees and invest roughly $150 million into the expansion.

"Demand for trucks has grown exponentially," said Jim Lentz, Toyota Motor North America CEO, in the announcement. "By leveraging our manufacturing facilities' availability and expertise; we can be nimbler and better adjust to market needs in a just-in-time manner. We appreciate the efforts of our team members in San Antonio and Baja California plants who continue to deliver not only more volume for our dealers and customers, but the highest quality trucks day in and day out."

So far in 2016, Toyota has sold nearly 127,000 Tacomas in the United States. Production is split between TMMBC and Toyota's main truck plant in San Antonio, Texas (TMMTX), where it also assembles the Tundra half-ton.

Photo by Drew Johnson