Music-playing ability is the emphasis of these unlikely customs.

Toyota has unveiled three unlikely customizations at the SEMA aftermarket trade show in Las Vegas — a Dub Edition Yaris compact and Sienna minivan, and a Sienna:Remix mobile DJ station.

Toyota handed a 2015 Yaris over to Dub for the addition of widebody blister fenders that envelop black 20 x 10-inch Dropstars wheels. The dramatic look is reminiscent of a rally car, but unfortunately aside from a lowered suspension and upgraded brakes and despite the presence of a roll bar, there are no engine upgrades. Instead, it features a two-tone matte white and gloss black paint job and an eardrum-shattering stereo.

According to Dub cofounder Myles Kovacs, the "Dub look" is "all about a stance that's wider, lower and sleeker." The result is an American take on Japan's VIP vanning culture featuring 22-inch TIS wheels. Like the Dub Yaris, the extreme rims are wrapped in 30-series Nitto tires. The interior has been reupholstered in diamond-stitched leather with a gallery of monitors grafted to each headrest. It's filled to the gills with four subwoofers, 10 speakers and six amps.

West Coast Customs had their own take on a Sienna, in which an array of speakers — consisting of four subwoofers, sixteen 12-inch noisemakers and two 40-inch flat-panel monitors — rises from the roof at the push of a button. The mobile party center's tailgate has also been modified, extending rearward to expose yet more speakers, to which a fully functional DJ stand can be linked.