The latest "Transformers" movies by Michael Bay have certainly been box office smash hits, much to General Motors' delight. Both Transformers and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen were filled with product placement - none more glaring than that of the Chevrolet Camaro known as Bumblebee.

According to a report by MTV News, Michael Bay has secured a slew of new A-list actors for the next installment of what is shaping up to be a major blockbuster trilogy. MTV News reports that Transformers 3 will see the likeness of John Malkovich, Frances McDormand and Ken Jeong.

"Both [McDormand and Malkovich are] amazing actors I've always wanted to work with," Bay wrote on his Web site, going on to describe actor Ken Jeong as a "super funny actor."

Thanks to a tip from one of our readers, Final_Wars, we have also learned that Bay announced the coming of a Ferrari 458 in the Transformers 3 movie - as an Autobot! Bay looks to be creating a solid lineup of stars - with the Italia 458 certainly being no exception.

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Transformers 3 Lineup?