Transmission glitch prompts Hyundai Tucson recall

by Justin King
Transmission glitch prompts Hyundai Tucson recall

In certain conditions, pressing the accelerator pedal will rev the engine but not move the vehicle.

Hyundai is preparing to reprogram the transmission control software in the 2016 Tucson.

The company recently received complaints of strange behavior with the Tucson's seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. Owners claimed the engine would 'rev' but the vehicle would not move after attempting to accelerate from a stop. The condition is said to have been intermittent and unrepeatable in many cases.

An investigation found that the transmission control module's data monitoring and automatic adjustments led to a condition in which the clutch delayed to engage if the accelerator pedal is repeatedly cycled. Steadily depressing the pedal over 1.5 to two seconds results in normal driving behavior. The problem is said to be related to high ambient temperatures.

"Inability to move the vehicle in traffic may increase the risk of a crash," the company warns.

Approximately 41,000 affected vehicles will receive new software with modified clutch-application logic to prevent such behavior. Repairs are expected to begin late in October.