President Trump will be in Michigan this week to make the announcement.

President Donald Trump will travel to Michigan on Wednesday to announce the review of federal fuel economy regulations put into place by the Obama administration, a new report claims.

Automakers have been openly vocal about their desire to revoke strict fuel economy regulations enacted by President Obama, and it looks as though those requests have not fallen on deaf ears. Reuters reported on Monday that Trump will travel to the Detroit suburb of Ypsilanti on Wednesday to announce that his administration will review those mandates.

That Wednesday event is expected to be attended by the CEOs of Ford, General Motors and Fiat Chrysler, as well as by prominent figures from other Japanese and German automakers.

Current rules call for a fleet-wide average fuel economy of more than 50mpg by 2025, up from 27.5mpg in 2010. Those rules were locked in by President Obama before he left office despite the EPA having until April 2018 to make a final ruling on the matter.

Automakers argue that the regulations will be too costly to implement and could cost the industry tens of thousands of jobs. Environmentalist, on the other had, see the rules as a key way to curb greenhouse gases.

A recent study found that while the rules will cost jobs in the short run, the nation will ultimately benefit from a fleet of more efficient vehicles.