Boutique automaker TVR was sold several weeks ago.

A British entrepreneur named Les Edgar has announced that he has purchased the rights to the TVR name and the blueprints to the firm's existing cars from former owner Nikolai Alexandrovich Smolenski.

Speaking with Top Gear, Edgar explained that he is not allowed to disclose how much he paid for the British firm or how he plans on reviving it but he promises that his business model is well thought-out.

"We've done a lot of background work," affirmed Edgar, "this wasn't a snap decision. We have the money to do it, and we have a unique collection of people with business acumen and passion."

Edgar is primarily known for his work in video games but he has dabbled in the auto industry in the past, notably when he helped Aston Martin make a highly-anticipated return to the world of GT racing. The entrepreneur has always had a soft spot for cars and he believes that TVR is well worth saving.

"You can't let these great brands disappear or go abroad," said Edgar.

Many skeptical observers have pointed out that TVR has essentially been dormant since 2006 and rumors of its return have surfaced numerous time without ever materializing for a multitude of reasons.

Official details about TVR's return to the auto industry will be available over the coming weeks.