Customers at preview were sworn to secrecy.

Customers who have already plunked down deposits for TVR's new supercoupe are getting a series of sneak peeks at the new design, reports say.

Those who have committed to buy the new TVR were invited to designer Gordon Murray's headquarters near Guildford, England, Autocar reports. TVR representatives confirmed that the showings are taking place.

Invitees were forced to sign non-disclosure agreements, according to the British publication. Customers also get to see a 3D mockup of the new TVR's interior.

Details regarding the company's first production vehicle since its revival have been sparse, but it is expected that the new TVR will pick up where the old Griffith left off, boasting a Cosworth-developed (though Ford-sourced) 5.0L V8.

Rumors have pointed to a 200 mph top speed and a sub-four-second 0-60 time. TVR has confirmed that the car's carbon fiber body is being fabricated using Murray's "iStream Carbon" process, lending credibility to estimates of a curb weight under 2,500lbs.

Production of the new TVR is expected to begin no later than next year, so hopefully details will be more forthcoming in the not-too-distant future.