Mitsubishi says two key U.S. executives have resigned, but the company has no plans to replace them.

Mitsubishi has announced that two of its top United States executives have resigned. Mitsubishi says it has no current plans to fill the vacancies, which could be an early indication that the Japanese automaker is at least considering scaling back its U.S. footprint.

According to Mitsubishi, Gregory Adams, the company's North American vice president of marketing and product strategy, and Mike Krebs, Mitsubishi's vice president of corporate planning and incentives, stepped down from their respective positions on October 31. Mitsubishi failed to elaborate on the circumstances, saying only that both executives left "to pursue other opportunities."

Adams had been with the company since June 2010 while Krebs was a 10-year veteran.

Despite being high-ranking positions, Mitsubishi says it has no immediate plans to fill either spot. "The key personnel in those departments remain at Mitsubishi and will manage the day-to-day operations, so we don't anticipate any disruption in those departments," Mitsubishi spokesman Dan Irvin said.

Mitsubishi's U.S. sales are up 51 percent so far this year - greatly outpacing the overall market's 10 percent growth - but the automaker is still struggling to sell vehicles in any meaningful volumes. Mitsubishi has already ended production of some U.S. models, such as the Eclipse sports car, and is pinning its future on advanced vehicles like the all-electric i-MiEV.


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