Uber is done fighting with California officials.

Ride-sharing giant Uber has seemingly gotten tired of fighting against California regulators. The company has confirmed it is shipping its fleet of experimental, self-driving Volvo XC90s to Arizona.

The cars on their way to Phoenix, where Republican governor Doug Ducey is open to letting Uber test the technology without applying for a special permit. The Wall Street Journal reports he sent the company a letter saying "California may not want you, but we do." A huge banner that reads "AZ welcomes Uber!" was displayed outside of the governor's office on Thursday evening.

The ordeal started last week, when Uber deployed the autonomous XC90s on the streets of San Francisco without applying for a permit to test the technology. State and city officials quickly voiced their disagreement, and the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) seemingly got the final word when it revoked the registration of all 16 prototypes.

The short-lived pilot program was marred by an array of issues that moving across the state line won't fix. Uber acknowledged its prototypes are prone to making dangerous, "right hook-style" right turns across bike lanes, though no accidents have been reported. Engineers are currently working on a fix.

In a separate incident, a taxi driver captured a video of a self-driving Uber prototype running a red light. The company explained the autonomous software was turned off at the time of the incident, and it has since suspended the driver.

Photo credit: Governor Doug Ducey on Twitter.