Reduce your impact on the earth as you return to it.

If you're looking to stay green even on the last trip you'll ever take, a new Nissan Leaf-based hearse is the ride for you.

The hearse was co-developed by Brahams Electric Hearses and funeral home Leverton & Sons, both based in the UK. It appears to have been modified on the left, or passenger, side to accommodate a coffin on an electric motorized deck. The passenger and rear seats appear to have been removed, leaving the driver's seat as the only original seating position.

From the exterior, the left side now has one large panel with viewing window where two standard doors were once positioned. Th company says the curved glass of the viewing window also expands the vehicle's width to accommodate the coffin. The vehicle is equipped with a horizontal crash beam with side airbags for side impact protection.

According to Leverton & Sons, the hearse has a range of approximately 85 miles on one charge. They say also that because the vehicles use no petrol, services can be had for cheaper than if a conventional hearse was used. Over time, as development costs are amortized, Leverton director Richard Putt hopes that the cost to be "much, much cheaper."

While initial models are finished in black, Brahams says other colors will be available. They also note that the car is built locally, first at Nissan's Sunderland plant, and then modified at Brahams' workshop in Northamptonshire.