A group is determined to set what could be the most uncomfortable world record ever.

In what promises to be the ultimate test of interior space, a team of gymnasts from the UK are planning to set a new world record by squeezing 28 people inside a MINI Hatch.

As part of London's eighth annual Guinness World Record day, the gymnasts will attempt to break their own record for most people in a MINI, which they set in 2011. At the same event last year the team claimed the Guinness World Record by cramming 27 people inside a MINI Hatch.

The team has been practicing for the record attempt for the last several month with the help of a local MINI dealer.

"After our achievement last year, we know exactly what it takes to squeeze 28 people into a MINI and we stepped up our training regime to include extra stretching and fun activities like hula-hoop relay racing," organizer Dani Maynard said. "With the help of our local MINI dealer, we have also had the opportunity to practice positioning everyone in the car ahead of the big day."

As if one record attempt wasn't enough, the team will also try to set a second world record for most people in a classic Mini. The team hopes to fit 22 of its team members in the much smaller Mini.

Official rules for both attempts require all windows and doors to remain closed for at least five seconds after everyone is in.