A veritable time capsule, the Spyker does not run but it is relatively complete.

Dutch automaker Spyker has made global headlines several times over the past year but it has almost always been for controversial reasons. From the financial issues of parent group Swedish Automobile to its role in Saab's heavily-publicized bankruptcy, Spyker has seen it all.

This Spyker story is a little more upbeat: a Dutch collector has just found an unrestored Spyker 15/22 HP that is over a hundred years old in the humid jungle of French Guiana, a French territory that borders Brazil.

How exactly the Spyker ended up in the jungle is an enigma even for Stijnus Schotte, the car's owner. Up until 1960 it was believed to be in Paris, France, but by the 1980s it was living in an unidentified country of South America.

"My father had pictures of the car but nobody knew where it was hiding," explains Schotte. "This changed a few years ago when I got a tip that it was hiding out in a forest in French Guiana. I found it recently, it was stored away in a container along with lots of usable spare parts."

A veritable time capsule, the open-top car does not run but it is relatively complete. Schotte has not indicated whether or not he plans on restoring it.

The 15/22 HP is currently on display at the Paleis Het Loo Concours d'Elegance that is taking place this weekend in Apeldoorn, Holland. There, Spyker experts from around the world will closely examine the car in order to find out its precise build date. Most agree that it is a 1906 model, but it could be have been built anywhere between 1905 and 1907.

As surprising of a barn find as this might be, historians estimate that there are at least four other similar Spykers hiding around the world.

Photos courtesy of Autoblog.nl