Although Mazda is still not ready to fully resume production, the automaker has announced a temporary move to resume production beginning March 22.

Leftlane offered an industry-wide in-depth analysis of the latest statuses from automakers based in Japan, and those based in the U.S. which rely on parts from Japan earlier this week, but now as the situation continues to evolve new developments have been announced by Mazda.

As outlined in Leftlane's report earlier this week, Mazda fared quite well compared to some automakers due to the fact that the automaker is headquartered several hundred miles away from the epicenter of the damage resulting from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Yet despite Mazda's fortunate location, the extent of the damage was enough to warrant a suspension of production through March 21 at its Hiroshima and Hofu plants.

Now, Mazda has released an update stating that the automaker will temporarily resume production at both plants starting March 22, with a focus on producing replacement parts, parts for overseas vehicle production and vehicles which will utilize "in-process" inventories.

Mazda was clear in stating that the production will not hinder any recovery efforts in the region, nor is it expected to be permanent, but no timeline was offered at this time. Mazda says it will make further announcements regarding medium- and long-term production plans when decisions can be made regarding those topics.