Better have a full tank of gas if you want to upgrade to MyFord Touch 2.0.

Ford began shipments of its updated MyFord Touch 2.0 infotainment software last week, but some owners are sure to be let down by the upgrade process - especially those concerned about the environment or spoiled by today's lightning-fast computers.

According to Ford, the new software takes about an hour to upload via a USB thumb drive. While that's probably a little longer than most owners would like to wait, it's hardly the update's biggest downfall. For whatever reason, the move from MyFord Touch to MyFord Touch 2.0 requires the vehicle to be running for the full one-hour update. Simply putting the ignition in the "On" position won't work.

Ford says you can use that time to "do a crossword puzzle, read a book or just do whatever you feel like doing." However, if you feel like going for a drive during that hour, you better plan accordingly. During the update the vehicle's climate and audio controls can't be changed.

Ford also urges owners to perform the update "in a ventilated area" to avoid inhaling exhaust fumes for a solid hour.

Although a bit of a process, the update is a move forward for the industry as owners can perform the upgrade at their own home rather than making a trip to the dealership. MyFord Touch 2.0 also promises to be a vast improvement over the original system, which was overly complicated to navigate and prone to malfunctions.