Vauxhall took the top speed limiter offline in the Insignia VXR, renaming it SuperSport.

Vauxhall has updated one of its performance-oriented, VXR-badged sedans in the U.K., the Insignia VXR (a mechanical twin to the Opel Insignia OPC), with a faster, more powerful Insignia VXR SuperSport. It aims to satisfy a need for speed, as its top speed is 15mph faster than its predecessor's, at 170 mph.

As an extra bonus, the car's price tag is £3,760 (about $6,000) lower than the outgoing model's, at £29,995. Vauxhall, which is owned by GM, didn't have to do much to get the improved performance. It simply removed the electronic top-speed limiter, while horsepower, at 325, remains the same.

Visually, the car gets Brembo lettering on the front brake calipers, while the speedo get additional markings to reflect the model's higher top speed. The car has an all-wheel drive system, while the front suspension uses Vauxhall's HiPerStrut design to improve handling and quell torque steer. The FlexRide adaptive suspension has multiple settings, including one labeled VXR for performance driving.

Power comes from a turbocharged and fuel-injected 2.8-liter Ecotec V6. It uses a micro-alloy forged steel crank and a die-cast alloy sump. Vauxhall said the car is also good for a 0 to 60mph sprint of 5.6 seconds.

Whether the Opel Insignia OPC, sold in other European countries, gets the same updates remains to be seen.

The VXR's closest U.S.-equivalent, the Buick Regal GS, makes do with out all-wheel drive and a less powerful, 2.0-liter inline four Ecotec whose turbocharger helps it attain a 270-horsepower output. A near-stock model with its limiter removed reached 162mph during an organized event earlier this year.