Buick's Regal GS has been rethought for 2014. Is this high performance Buick a real contender? Join us as we take an in-depth look.

Buick and performance have only been synonymous a handful of times over the brand's 110-year history, but General Motors' entry-luxury brand is at it again.

Reshuffling its Regal lineup for 2014, Buick has created a Regal GS that actually loses some power but is, GM says, just as fast. Moreover, it's also more fuel efficient than before. That's an odd recipe for success, but Buick counters that with newly-available all-wheel-drive that should negate some of our complaints about the torque steer-happy outgoing Buick.

Oddly, the Regal GS remains available with a stick shift in addition to its optional six-speed automatic gearbox, but the three-pedal, row-it-yourself unit isn't available with AWD.

Join our Ron Doron as he takes you on an in-depth ride and drive inside Buick's new midsize performance sedan. And then don't forget to check out our full First Drive of the new Regal lineup.