Not to be confused with the Golf, the Gol is Volkswagen do Brazil's entry-level model.

Volkswagen's Brazilian arm has just lifted the veil off of the three-door variant of the revamped 2013 Gol hatchback.

The sentence above does not have a typo in it: the Gol is sold alongside the Golf in Brazil, where it is aggressively marketed as Volkswagen do Brazil's entry-level offering.

For 2013 the Gol gains a new front end that puts it more in line with Volkswagen's current design language. The headlights are angular and the grille is skinnier than before, making the hatchback hard to discern from a European-spec Polo. The Gol's back end also gets Polo-like lights but its body is sleeker, giving it a sportier silhouette than the Polo.

The interior is offered with a more complete instrumentation and redesigned gauges. The car can be fitted with electric mirrors, an upgraded audio system as well as front and back parking sensors, making a first in the Gol's history.

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The hatchback's entry-level engine is a new 1.0-liter mill that makes 76 horsepower. As is often the case in Brazil it is a Flex engine, meaning that it can run on both ethanol and gasoline. Next up in the lineup is a 1.6-liter four-cylinder that can be bolted to a semi-automatic gearbox for an extra cost.

The Bluemotion variant of the 1.0-liter gains low-rolling resistance tires that are designed to be inflated with over 30 PSI of air and underbody modifications that are said to improve air flow.

The Gol was designed specifically for the Latin American market but it might be offered in several Asian countries next year. Don't look for it to make an appearance in Europe or in the United States, however.