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Volkswagen details ID R's 670-horsepower drivetrain

by Justin King

The company developed a unique battery cooling system to comply with the race\'s 20-minute recharge limit.

Volkswagen has disclosed a few more technical details for its ID R, which will soon make its racing debut on Pikes Peak.

The all-electric racer will have 670 horsepower in total output. The figure may seem modest compared to other hill climbers, but VW engineers also put a high priority on keeping overall weight down.

The ID R's lithium-ion battery employs a unique cooling system to support a rapid charge time of just 20 minutes, complying with a Pikes Peak Hill Climb rule that limits the recharge time if the car's first run is interrupted for safety reasons and needs to make a second attempt the same day.

The battery must also be able to handle a launch from zero to 62 mph in just 2.25 seconds, along with a series of repetitive acceleration bursts across 156 corners as it ascends the 12.4-mile course.

The ID R will attempt to set a new EV record on the mountain on June 24.